Magic Stick

When an obese surgeon general is urging me to quit smoking because it increases my risk of heart attack, immediately after a commercial for General Mills HFCS cereals, wow, do I want a smoke and to chug the rest of this dark ale.

Dear Kathy at the Clinique counter in Redding,

You were super sweet today and I wish everyone could love their job and be as good at it as you. You earn Nadeanna’s gold star for 13 FEB 2011.



Anyhow, I think my skin wants me to drink less, smoke less, and eat less chicken. It’s all about the O 2 baby!

Today is the last day of spring, for now. It was great to have more than a day’s worth this year.

I think Kentucky wounded me. I’m suffering from PTSD caused by LBL.

I’m also being severely traumatized by Mr. X’s TFM. I will probably go postal soon because I don’t see this ending before April. Really, another 8 weeks of this shit? I deeply question my rational for staying, other than being a complete failure whose net worth decreases daily. Thanks interest!

My two major and most-disturbing symptoms? Complete and total inability to conceive of or plan for THE FUTURE. Numero dos: Perceiving reality as dream-like or unreal, finding myself in a perpetual state of disassociation. I think this later one is caused by the permanent state of cognitive dissonance in which I find myself. FUCK!

I at times wonder if the permanent state of trauma is causing my perception of utter cognitive RETARDATION.

Plan A post-TFM was tequila, limes, and a cigar. Now I may think that an 8th of nuggs will do me better. At least it will get me in harmony with the Siskiyou folks who totally do not get the concept of phone nor time.

Since there is no future, I see no problem dropping $250 on Burton bindings to take advantage of the fresh powder which I hope to be blessed with this week. And in pow-pow, I will master linking S-turns and be ready to tackle some more challenging blues… hun hun hun? Yeah! I kin do it!

All right, I finished my second beer and blogged and I still feel stressed out.

Cannot wait until I get a dance studio again! GAWD!


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