Rihanna’s Banned Video

and Mastering the duality archetypes

Banned Video Rihanna’s “S&M”


So I woke up, or maybe fell asleep craving a spanking.

Once maybe it was so that I wouldn’t feel so guilty for being a slut, for being a nympho, for enjoying sex. Or once maybe it was so I could have a space to be safe, a place to not be responsible for everything, to not have the weight of the universe crushing down on me.

But that left me so open to manipulation and being manipulated. I admit, topping from the bottom.

But bondage, sensory deprivation, orgasm control, spanking, flogging… still are huge turn ons.

And so what if, what if….

It’s so amazingly awesomely wonderful now that those little demons can’t even hide in the lifestyle anymore?

Ha! Fucking hahaha!

That I can be as open about my kinkiness as your gay neighbors can be about what BRINGS THEM JOY! Because the demons can’t survive if love and joy are the reason you do it.

So baby, if you love me, won’t you give it to me now and then? Hahaha!


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