Cleansing Rain

I have signed up to go hiking with RUFF next Sunday.

It appears as though the downstairs neighbors are moving out. While I hope that they as a family receive the healing they need, I am quite glad that this negative energy vortex and source of stress and frustration is departing my sphere of influence. That 12-D affirmation and the attempts to banish or transmute the shadow demon shreds is working! Yay!

Three new inches of snow, but considering how much of the base has melted and having April snow in January, we could use more. SoCal will need water.

I also signed up for a basic mountain biking workshop and changing a flat workshop and a 1-2 night backpacking trip in June to the Caribou Wilderness.

Tomorrow, hopefully, my son is going to be with his father, and I will get to talk to him for the first time in almost 6 months. I really hope his big sister is looking after him up in the north woods or that somehow, miraculously, his mother and maternal grandmother have exorcised their demons. I haven’t seen my other “kids” since before Christmas so I hope Jeremy gets his paper done so we can go visit soon. We were supposed to take a family snowboarding excursion, but now there is hardly any snow.

I’m thinking about going up to help Emily on her site this summer. Which leaves me somewhat concerned about starting a garden. If I order seeds, and start this, who will take care of it if I am gone? What if Jeremy is on a fire, or doesn’t want to? I need a substitute gardener. I also wonder about leaving work for up to a month. I might only be able to go out for a week.

I am calling this week to set up a meeting with the president of the historical society. Hopefully I am going to be able to assist with a digitization and curration project, and then, maybe it will develop into a second part time job.

Hopefully, everything works out at work. I don’t know how I am ever going to get the hours and experience I need to be a P.I. but baby steps are under way.

Hopefully I will be able to procure funds to go to the SAAs. I would really like to get a room at one of the conference hotels, but yikes, so expensive!


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