So one of my friends is applying for a gig in Barstow to escape the wicked east coast weather (with poison ivy). Seems to me Barstow popped up on my radar in late summer/early fall because of Deathproof being filmed there. I need more California excavation hours, and Barstow seemed all right, but I think I all ready came across this posting, and either the timing was off (they needed people IMMEDIATELY) or I decided that I would just sit tight and see if something further north didn’t come along.

I wake up sorting through the physics of snowboarding and probabilities formulas for TFM and some Lady Gaga song running through my head, “Red Wine.” Then I am drooling over pictures of Mammoth. Then I am thinking, “Yeah, I should practice getting up toe side facing the mountain and turning around.” This is really the only problem I have with toeside, is feeling like you can’t see where you are going. This is going to be a metaphorical tool for awhile, so get used to it.

The wise man is cautious, not fearful.


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