Don’t Stop Believing

So I woke up with that Journey song stuck in my head.

I have to do laundry today.

I realized there is no way ever I am going to be able to get up heelside on my board. Can’t get up that way from sitting on the carpet without a board. I asked Jeremy to try it. The first time he rolled onto his toes to stand. “You just would’ve fallen forward if you’d done that with a board on the snow.” The second time he did it, but almost ended up overbalancing backwards. For women, especially the taller, older ones with them big birthing hips, this seems like an impossible move. Kids and wiry guys seem to have zero problem. They just pop right up. I asked Jeremy what muscles he used to get up that way and he said quads, forearms, and lower abs. I never thought these were weak points. In fact I feel like if my quads or abs were any bigger, I’d be like some freakazoid monster. You can see my six pack even under a nice little layer of fat. So I’m thinking it must be more of a center of gravity and balance thing, but I will keep trying. Will I be able to get up toe side on really steep, really icy slopes? Humm.

I don’t feel like I am ready to go to work tomorrow, but alas. I think I actually have some meetings to go to this week.

I figured last night that it will cost roughly $42K/year to send both the kids to school. I think that is like our enitre take home. I really hope they are smarter than me, and decide not to go to school. Unless Jeremy is going for that whole, support me when I’m old sort of thing. Guess my parents completely failed on that one, because I don’t expect I’ll be financially able to take care of myself until about 70, and then if my health is not stellar, and I don’t end up working myself to death… money is evil. Money must go!

I don’t really want to do laundry either, but alas, we are both out of clean underwear after today. Seems that we did laundry two weeks ago. Seems that we both ought to have more than 14 pairs of underpants. I want my own washer and dryer again! Even if the one here sort of worked, I only need to do like 3 loads (which I hope I can get done for $8 because that is all the cash I got). I’m 31 years old and have two masters’ degrees. I feel it’s degrading to go to the laundry mat. When you have your own washer and a yard to hang out wash and a laundry table to fold laundry, it’s actually fun.

I think now I will go eat the rest of the naan and make a pomegranate smoothie and shower. I also got almond milk because it was cheaper than soymilk and probably hey almonds aren’t gmo, yet.


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