Cherry Blossoms

I dreamed about cherry blossoms last night, which seems like quite a fine thing to dream about.

I can pick any day in the last 14 months, and feel like it was yesterday. Alternately, I can pick any day in the last 14 months and feel like it could have been years ago. A very strange thing.

Well, the holidays, illness, and weather seem to have put a damper on my skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating endeavors. Now I am dreaming of backpacking the Lost Coast and Marble Mountains and looking at seed catalogs. Well, whatever. Go with the flow.

Today I am still trying to hack up phlegm (at least I no longer feel like I am coking and I can breath through my nose, mostly) and repair/restore my immune system. Did I feel wiped this morning! Day 5. I’ve been watching National Geographic specials. I felt horrid Sunday and gave up on reading.

Yesterday I wrote to my representatives expressing my deep concern over AquaAdvantage’s frankenfish GMO salmon. Then I’m thinking, does it matter what these evil corporations do when a single volcanic eruption could start a chain reaction of climate change far more sudden and extreme than all the carbon emissions thus far? Anyways, I’d rather not live in a world without sockeye salmon is all I’m sayin’.

Still have a cold, and yet I have succumbed to a nearly all consuming lust addiction for Jeremy again. I cannot even physically handle the amount required to satiate this psychological desire. Love explodes when distractions are removed. Mirror, mirror… I know he loves it when I am waiting with baited breath for him after work, and knowing this gets him hot, makes me hot. Flower mandalas…


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