This mental vomit of mine could fall under the rhetoric of pseudoscience. However, this being my blog and all, it’s really more just putting the insanity into English, which by the way, mostly doesn’t work anymore. Dancing about architecture. The machine elves and auric fields and other sort of senses that may best approximate as “seeing and hearing” are not really seeing and hearing. I like this 3D/5D model.

My experience of time has gotten very weird over the past two years. Very weird. Linear frameworks pretty much fail in this department.

It grows increasingly difficult to continue to operate in a time/money/linear paradigm as I do not sense this to be “reality”.

Let me tell you this other thing, because I do understand the process of science and the scientific method. Science proves nothing. It must be falsifiable. If you cannot prove me wrong, I guarantee it’s not science, but I’m going to tell you now, this blog is not science. It is not scientific. Science does little good as a faith-based model. I begin to doubt at times even its utility in the “knowable” universe. This probably makes no sense as worded.

Generally I am too lazy to provide citations in my blog. It’s a blog, not a book.

Logic makes sense within the framework of computer programming or statistics. I am having a great deal of trouble wrapping my brain around building a model with numerous dependent variables. This is just to figure out the most efficient model for managing some small acreage of land.

Now imagine me trying to figure out what is going on with the time conception thing, the humming thing (which I have sometimes attributed to industrial noise, superhuman hearing, aliens, faeries…. bottom line? I don’t freaking know).

Then I figured that most of what I thought were spaceships or some strange lit up thing in the sky were just stars bizarrely twinkling unlike any stars I’d every seen before in my life. What about the moving ones? What about the ones not on Google sky map that were brighter than I’ve ever seen Venus? No f-ing clue.

Pretty much I guess I should not talk to people. Pretty much that’s what I’m figuring. Otherwise they’ll not want to let me work. They’ll want to put me back on psych meds (and we all know that increases the likelihood that you’ll go on some mass murdering spree. I wonder how this shit ever gets through the FDA. Money, yeah. I mean, it happens so rarely as to be statistically insignificant, right? Let’s assume that, but I wonder if psych meds have ever done anyone any good. Anyone here have happy stories about Lexapro or Geodon? Prozac? Lithium? Depakote? I don’t think they make life more comfortable for the folks taking them, just for the people who have to live with us crazies.)

I really don’t think “the world” is going to end, or even that humans are going to go extinct (which I would totally want were I not one). It hasn’t yet. It will someday. However, the United States is falling from her position of world domination. We’ve already surpassed peak oil. Capitalism is a crock of shit. We need new technologies. We need to distribute resources more equally (which means us in the U.S. have got to tighten our belts drastically, even us poor ones). It would really help a lot if  every woman only had zero to two children, never more. And even if all that, people are gonna die. Animals are going to go extinct. But I would really like to see this go down with as little suffering as possible. So if I want to believe unicorns exist in a parallel universe, then freaking let me believe that. If I want to believe ancient civilizations did know where our solar system was in relation to the Milky Way or any other galaxy… (oh, and BTW, there is evidence that they did know this, and can you prove me wrong there?) well, let me! Somehow, even if I pout a lot, and drag my feet, I think I am weathering these dramatic changes better than your average Joe Blow in ‘Merica.

There were many, many worse times and places to live through and though this is not comfortable, it’s a cakewalk compared to so much. Which really brings me back to the evil whatever you like to call them feeding off negative energy and the earth quarantine. Why else could so much suffering go down? I don’t think greed or “Whoops!” even come close to explaining.

Yeah, yeah, so rise up! Science is only one tool in your tool belt. Yeah, okay, so you’ve got your hammer now. Where is your power drill?

“Why do you think about these things?” Because otherwise I would be so bored, I would have no reason to want to live. I want to stick around and see what happens, and if it does get better, I definitely want to be here for that.


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