Tribal Punk


We watched Ondine last night. It was a decent movie as far as movies go. (I’m trying to desperately fully charge the batteries for this next long roller coaster ride.) I’m not a strong swimmer. I can’t breath under water. I am scared to be out on the open ocean in small craft, even though I find a deep happiness being on the coast (even in spite of all the darkness in Humboldt going on right now). I grew up in the “city on the lake”. We live right near Churn Creek now. I may not be able to hear moving water, but I can feel it. I can run out the door and run to it. I’m just saying, you can’t take me more than spitting distance from trees and moving water.

Feels like McCloud is supposed to be my new home, but I’m not sure how to get there. At least I’m close enough to visit, but there are even times that I sort of get flustered crazy like being in the city when my heart is somewhere else. Or maybe I belong to this bigger area. Traveling within the sphere of this energy. I don’t really ever want to go anywhere else again because everything is here, except for old friends, and either they are drawing down light elsewhere, or they have yet to realize they actually belong here, and maybe a few sacrificed for family.

Love always remains.

Welcome home, Nadeanna!

Also… I’ve been thinking about steamer punk a bit lately, but I thought of tribal punk last night while watching this video. I’m not sure if it’s because every time has exploded out upon right now or if the future becomes this synergy of tribal life celebrating co-existence within the forest. The difference is we will have technology in harmony. Like smartphones, stainless steel knives… like fur traders, but without being out to exploit the abundance for profit.

Well um…

J’ai dis que… quelque chose…

Get up and dance foo!


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