It’s been quiet, or at least I have not felt the compulsion to write. I’ve been busy trying to get up to speed on the prehistory of NorCal.

One thing I have been noticing and it’s become blatantly obvious to me is that I can tell when other humans try to draw me into conflict or act antagonistically towards me. Jeremy says it’s like a drug. Of course my little shitty toddler ego still gets wounded easily, but I’ve been telling that toddler they are in TIME OUT. When people invite in these dark demons and try to draw me into it, I walk away. Maybe I am pissed and have to put the inner child into time out. Maybe I have pity in my heart for those blinded by the dark or those still requiring a story to cling to, those seeking power, those yearning for a sense of belonging. But right, we are getting ready for the UNIVERSAL underworld and nations, peak oil, star councils…. so OVER IT. I am back to the pure harmony of my home, even life on earth pre-industrial revolution were you lucky enough to live in a…. “proper civilization” or to not be a mistreated slave.

Now sorry if many of you didn’t get on the galactic wave and work through your galactic garbage.

Sorry if many of you did not finish playing out your archetypal dramas.

I however, am done, so done.

Anyhow, it’s interesting to see how Jeremy perceives these ‘demons’ as a chemical cocktail or drug. I am beginning to sense them with some kind of untranslatable dimensional awareness. I laugh at them. “BE GONE!” There is a knowing that their food/energy/power source is disappearing. I laugh harder, longer. “You are not sucking me dry to survive a few moments longer. Go now. Shoo!”

Because I have beautiful star-flower-heart mandalas to give to you. Right, remember how the mandalas were the ‘keys’? The ‘keys to emergence’? I understand how they work now. I don’t know how to teach anyone, but I can do it! And I can sense places where I have shifted the ley lines and the people I love associated with certain nodes. It’s not heart breaking anymore. It’s part of a gateway.

However, this place here is becoming an intricate network of SHOOM! The supra-node. The vortex? It’s pretty awesome. So very glad to be here, so very-very-very glad.


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