Paradise Found

Everything is better in California. It took less than half an hour to file an unemployment claim.

+happy dance+

With unemployment, I probably make too much for food stamps, but I did email the Peoples of Progress that host the community garden. Jeremy does not seem gung ho about the composting. He says it’s a fire hazard. I was like, “If the compost gets hot enough to spontaneously combust; we are freaking retards and the brown/green ratio is off.” No, Nadeanna, no compost. He’s also like, “We aren’t going to have time to garden.” I’m like, “What, you are expecting me to go back up and live in Siskiyou and quit this job?”

I’ve also realized that there are at least two things I am willing to sacrifice my career for, staying here and him. In Kentucky I was seriously homesick and the only place I felt the energy was conducive to my being was the farmhouse. The rest of the time I was pretty much freaking out. It could have been a lot more fun had I just applied for unemployment last March. I would have saved money on rent and not making two cross-country road trips. I would have had a lot more time to go skiing and snowboarding, but okay, alas. If my roof had not been leaking, would I have bonded with Jeremy? Maybe. Now I feel like I was to smooth out the rough spots in his life and make it easier for him to do what he needs to do, give him hope. I feel like we are stronger as a unit than as separate individuals.

Still, many nights, I close my eyes, and it is the same longing for southern Siskiyou County. At least I am close enough to visit.

I am also missing the basement dance studio.

At least the sun in shining and I will get outside today.

My ideal house will have a basement or some other arrangement for an indoor dance studio and washer/dryer space, like a garage. An extra room with good light to set up as a studio/office. An extra kitchen with a sink like the Art House would be awesome. I doubt there are many single family homes, converted to duplexes, reconverted back to a single family however. It would have a gas range and a dishwasher with lots of counter space, and an east-facing window in the kitchen. Our bedroom’s minimum size would be 10′ by 10′. I want lots of built-in closet/storage space and a pantry in the kitchen. A walk-in pantry and walk-in closet off the master bedroom would be ideal. I want enough yard space for a clothesline, garden, and compost. Skylights and fireplaces are bonus features, but I am undecided as to their necessity. Hardwood floors are a plus. I think 1,200 sq. feet is a minimum. 2,000 is a maximum. The bathroom must have a shower and a bathtub. I really would like one of those corner tubs with jets, like a whirlpool tub. Somewhere to put a small dry sauna would be nice, but in this climate, and with the work I am currently doing, I am not coming home everyday wishing to God that I could take a sauna.

Anyway, work, by June I am going to be needing full-time hours and a $2.50 an hour raise to make it not worth my while to commute to McCloud, which would suck. It’s an hour and 15 minute drive in good weather/traffic. The time, the gas, the guilt… do not seem worth it. I would probably attempt to camp during the week to avoid driving and then I would get cranky if Jeremy were not on travel because the whole point was sort of to save money and spend more time together. (All our time together.)

But then I realize I forget to give them the apartment number for my address because I haven’t lived in an apartment since 2003. I’m used to the straight up address with sometimes an A or B. Doh! Even still, updating my address took less than a half an hour. The ladies on the phone did not sound like they had a stick up their ass and hated their job. I am in heaven on earth.



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