The Importance of Food

What I noticed almost immediately was the amount of growing food and small gardens – everywhere. Even in between city apartment blocks there were green patches of gardens and plastic tunnels where food was being grown side by side with modern urban lifestyles.

The Italians have a love affair with food. Their particular Mediterranean climate, and their passion as individuals has produced a culture based deeply in emotional and sensual experience. It is a culture that celebrates its antiquity through its history, but its connection to the present moment through the celebration of food, family and community. And, the food itself is a celebration of the elements that create it, the sunshine, good soil and water and wind.

In Italy, it is almost impossible to have a “bad” meal. The food is fresh, tasty and well prepared because this is a point of honor with Italians. It is served with love and passion, music and conversation and good wine, and it takes time. Yes….La Dolce Vita. No fast foods, processed foods or artificial foods. And the Italians are proud of their cooking skills. I was touched at the seminar event that I held in Sorrento, when a lovely lady called Guiliana who worked at the center, baked a lovely fresh “Caprese” chocolate cake for the birthday of one of the participants. It was hot out of the oven and baked to perfection, and tasted wonderful. It was elegant and simple, not overdone, no icing and no “goo”, just the pure fresh ingredients and love and skill. What a birthday surprise for all of us !

After my time in Italy, I travelled onwards and expereienced much food that was the complete antithesis of this – heavy, processed, greasy, tasteless, artifical, fast and awful. So the difference between eating in the old energy and eating in the New Reality became clearer to me.

…it seems to me, with my new perceptions and the new energies, that humans were designed to eat. We have teeth and a digestive system perfectly designed to process food. But, it also seems to me that it is not so much what we choose to eat that is the issue, but how that food is produced and or raised and how it gets to our tables and into our meals!… It is only the “disconnection” of the old energy that allows people to make absolutely no connection between the food on their plates and the suffering that produces that food. And, if you are aware and conscious, can you continue to eat in that way? Can you celebrate food that is filled with suffering and pain?

I think that this way of eating and living has been a result of the “disconnection” of humans from the land that supports and nourishes them. Before the industrialization and mechanization of society, people had a much larger role in the growing and preparation of their own food. In my grandparent’s childhood, every home had fruit trees and a vegetable garden. Sometimes there were chickens, kept for eggs and food. If you did not have your own chickens you could buy a live chicken from the street merchents. Sunday’s family Roast Chicken was slaughtered, plucked and cooked by the housewife herself. There was an understanding that food was part of the cycle of life and death and that it was a blessing from God. That is why Grace was always said with conviction and gratitude, and food was eaten with joy.

In our disconnected state we often do not see food as a Grace and Blessing from the Divine and an integral part of the Cycle of Life. We see it as something “out there” that entices us, makes us fat, is an irritation (shopping and cooking) or just plain boring. We have forgotten how to celebrate food, community, sharing and the Grace of God as expressed through sustenance and nourishment for the physical body. The Grace of God is a part of all life if we allow outselves to see that, even to the food that we eat every day.

From Celia Fenn’s latest blog at

I found out yesterday that we live less than a mile from a park that has community gardens. I will have to look into this.

I am thinking about container composting and container gardening, but I find no motivation. Whatever the barricades may be, they need to be overcome by March or so when the growing season returns.

I feel very blessed to live in the central valley. Outside of the Mediterranean, I think we have the best food in the world. That’s why I came back here, back home. We finally found a decent Mexican restaurant in the north state. I’ve been concentrating on making inauthentic Mexican or TexMex inspired food. He is a quarter Mexican and seems okay with eating bean, tomato, pepper-based food. Other than liking TexMex more than any other kind of food, it seemed to be the only affordable option to feed a household of eight in Milwaukee. I could go buy us enough cinnamon and cloves at El Ray to last us several months for less than $15. Avocados, cilantro, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, tortillas, meat, sour cream, cheese, spices, all on the cheap. There is a Mexican grocery right by our house. Finally found the darn place after a year and a half!

I got to eat well all summer between the growers’ and farmers’ markets. The bread machine has been a godsend.

We are locking horns over western medicine and financial institutions.

I want my bikes down in storage so I can use them. I want to get up to the mountains to play in the snow, but feel unjustified in spending $15 in gas for a trip up. I’m also still apprehensive about being up in the snow, alone. I do not want to have to chain up. I am intimidated by the snow chains.

He wants me to go to the doctor to find out what’s wrong with me. Well, the most probable cause has been eliminated. Now what? How much money are you willing to dump down this? We don’t have any extra. Besides, going to doctors is agonizing for me because I’ve had so much bad experience and they tend to only make things worse. Waste money, make Nadeanna miserable. Sounds like a win, win right? Doctors have not yet made it to the 5th dimension, that’s for sure. Just like food in Western Kentucky. I’m not paying to eat shit. I will drive to Nashville to get groceries and I am getting the hell out of Dodge ASAP and going back to the land of edible food, clean air, and clean water. So I did. Amen. The important things. Food is the foundation and to have good food you have to have good soil, good water, and good air. Now how do we get there? I just don’t see how figuring out what is ‘wrong’ with me is going to help feed the world real food or help humanity live in ecological harmony. Not a priority, although, I am almost inspired to start making us a compost, even down to going and buying worms.

And as for feeling like dog excrement today… “When I said to my inner guidance that I felt inadequate at needing such support, the reply I received was that I had supported so many, now it was my own turn to feel what it felt like to be supported through a challenging ‘ascension’.”


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