Lemon Pecan

Two more years hey? Until the magical 33 and the Mayan calendar cycle completion.

I got up at 5 and made lemon pecan rolls. That took like 4 hours.

I was really happy to play outside yesterday. I plan to go to Whiskeytown like everyday now. A gym membership might be cheaper than gas though. Anyhow…. there are no mountains in the gym.

I enjoy only using 2 blankets on the bed and not being frozen 24-7. It’s fucking awesome!

I have ghetto health care again. $30 co-pay. Far from affordable, and given that my lab work came back normal, there is probably either a more heinous cause of my symptoms, or it’s something that nothing can be done about. Come on crystal body!

I just need money to go away. This week I have to try to hunt down the person that is supposed to train me, apply for unemployment, begin filing for bankruptcy, apply for food stamps… these are all things I would much rather die than do so um… I may end up back in western Kentucky again, just to avoid them. I’m on the short list for a job in Elizabethtown. Do I want to leave paradise? Do I want to leave the man? NO! But I sure as FUCK don’t want to do that other shit. I’d rather stab myself. HELP!!!!

I dreamed Dubba got sent to prison, but it was some cushy low security prison for rich people. Still, it’s a start.

This morning I dreamed that I was stuck in some school building/grocery store/medical complex waiting to get lab work/x-rays/cat scans done. I was running around nearly naked getting pissed that I couldn’t leave to go home and get work done.


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