Life Happens On the Slopes

… the rest is just details and preparation.

I had another dream about snowboarding. Justin was going to come pick me up to go up the mountain. I was like, “You know, it’s been months, and I just took lessons last winter, I think I might need lessons again.”

“Don’t worry Melissa. I will do the greens with you and wait for you when you fall down. But I did break my nose my first year,” as were loading my gear into the van.

He came to pick me up at my grandparents house, but instead of it being on the Root River it was near Churn Creek or the Sacramento, in another, small river valley. This is probably because I was comparing Churn Creek to the Root River yesterday, watershed restoration always on my mind.

At my parents’ house Ralph was bringing stuff up from the basement, but the Art House basement, to be cleaned and repacked or used for Christmas. My parents’ kitchen was in my grandparents house.

I’m standing on the porch at my grandparents, looking out to the river bluff, now covered in houses, talking to some old friends. My mom calls, Justin pulls up, early. I’m like, “I have to go now!” Introductions.

Then I’m at Darkside and playing around with a television and DVD player. The block washing bleeds into this part. People are making paper characters of themselves like at preschool. I made a glue out of buttermilk but someone turned the stove on. I put it in the pantry, which was like the pantry at the Story Hill house. A couple of adults were making woven paper mats to put inside their characters.

In a time of no time, in a place that is not a place. You’d better clean your childhood blocks and have your board waxed and ready. Smart phones become A.I.s, really useful tools when your brain no longer operates in a linear fashion but many things still fall under 3D Newtonian law. Smart phones provide navigation charts.

Snowboarding and turntabling are probably the best ways to prepare for interdimensional realities. I’m kind of excited to see where we’re going, but I am content to let an old friend drive a 4WD with snow chains up the mountain while I remain a passenger. I done did all the pre-work.


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