Invasion of Love

I dreamt last night that the Pleiadians finally disclosed their presence en masse. I was standing outside with Justin, or we were in a cafe and saw two ships appear to land in a cornfield across the street, but the view was obstructed. I was like, “Eh,” at first. “Yeah, yeah Justin. UFOs. I see them ALL THE TIME.” But then they got bigger, and bigger and looked like they were landing, so we went outside. “Did that just really happen?” Then the whole sky is suddenly alive with hundreds or more, a fleet. I am flabbergasted. Wow, finally, sooner than I expected. HURRAY! So I am running across the street. The first Pleiadian to disembark is surrounded by people wanting hugs, welcoming them, wanting to touch them. It’s like those of us to know who they are intuitively are the first to greet them. Others only feel compelled to touch them, like reaching out to touch Jesus, hem of your garment sort of thing. A small minority is frightened or angry. The second one I see is a woman, immense, or at least larger than my statuesque self, hair with a blonde base, but a rainbow of pastel colors as highlights, slightly curly and the deepest, bluest limpid eyes overflowing with compassion. So I run up and hug her. It’s really you. This is really happening. WOW! AWESOME! So glad you came sooner than expected. Like I could let out a sigh of air, catch my breath.

Another part of the dream I was in an attic of an old house and we were cleaning or doing some remodeling. There was a huge, maybe 2 feet in diameter spider with a black body and red legs. I ditched out of the house. I was walking somewhere else through this older neighborhood and a copper-colored Scorpian scurries out onto the sidewalk and tries to bite me, but I’m wearing these lace guards on my boots and so I just pull it out and pull the thing apart.

There were other parts to this dream, but still seemed to relate around remodeling, getting rid of old furniture to increase efficiency, improving food preparation facilities, and stuff that just generally seems related to normal life and what-not, a regular cleaning type dream.


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