Thanks Giving

I’ve have let go all that which was unnecessary. I have unbound contracts and returned piece of others to themselves. I have quested to gather the seeds I need. They are germinating now, green shoots in black soil. I have fought courageously as a warrior for the ideals instilled in me by my original tribe. I found home. Free of all which would imprison or bind me, keeping me from my heart’s true desire, the coordinate grid points align in love, in free will, mutually, now, in this moment.

In this time, in this place, with this love laying down roots from the seeds I carry; I am connected to my source, our source. HOME. I become the tree, grounded, reaching toward heaven, in paradise. This world is a mirror of our world. Blue Pacific to the desert beyond the mountains, volcanic fiery vents to rivers of lifeblood fed on snow, ancient forests to the fertile central valley; we are blessed in this land. We are blessed in this love. Now, hold on, hold on!

Giving thanks!


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