So uh, I hope I get all the lose ends tied up in Siskiyou today, because it is going to freaking snow this weekend. I am excited and sad at once. I am glad I won’t be there for it, because I hate the cold, but there should then be a decent base at Bunny Flats if they plow the road. I would like to get snow shoes and a back pack for my board for some low-key back country. The man is not all about winter sports. I might die laughing if we go ice skating, but then I know what people must think of me. I also miss watching the snow fall, but does that mean I want to give up a bed and a desk and a couch and a shower and a dishwasher to live in an ancient house with no heat, a leaking roof, and a barely functioning fridge so that I can be closer to skiing and so I can watch snowflakes fall? Fuck no!

I really just want to race and load up the last load. Screw cleaning that place. No one is dumb enough or desperate enough to live there in winter. It wasn’t clean when I moved in, why should it be clean when I leave? At least I plasticed the windows for winter. I think the owner is losing her mind and I totally don’t expect any deposit back anyhow. Life is a headache. Life takes drugs, like sex and snowsports, although I don’t necessarily recommend mixing the two.


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