We called this expansion.

I have no idea, but I jumped onto a time continuum I already dreamed, and it feels good, but brothers and sisters, I think there are more than two ships passing. There are lots of ships meeting the dawn, in that place that I have been hanging out in for the last year or so up here in the green place, in the shared realities with BEING here.

It’s all about geography. It’s all about mutuality. The same time, the same place. Given as received and received as given, in like kind and any reprehension is so, so overcome by the power of this mutuality, this shared passion and curiosity. When radical honesty brings relief and joy rather than sorrow and regret, well, that’s when you learn how to hold on, hold on, hold on. Because even as this shakes out this week, even if there is a piece of ground to stand on, the changing is not yet done. Hold on, hold on, hold on for dear life.

Gratitude is the creator of a heart filled with love.

Wanting to go home… where it is easy to be.


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