God’s Country

Well, I’ll be. Sometimes you find polyamory references in the damnedest of places. Paint Your Wagon 1969. Oh, and Clint Eastwood is real easy on the eyes, but I about bust a gut at this one scene.

Well, I lived with a man who had two wives. Why can’t a woman have two husbands?

Out here we kind of make up our own rules as we go along.

Now I need the software so I can record out that one little clip. It would be an alright movie, but for the whole musical thing.

Still, 40 years later and we’ve gone backwards.

But I ain’t ain’t ain’t givin’ up on ma honeys til they tell me to take myself to hell or until the universe pushes my heart along somewhere else. It’s such a fierce and pure love I carry and I know, I feel as though still we may spend the winter apart, or at least I will be on my own for awhile longer, but this is what I am pulling, aiming for, and how I would so much rather to stay here in Jefferson than to ever go back east. It jest ain’t right, going backwards. Forwards or quantum transfers, but backwards, naw dawg, that ain’t me.

P.S. It’s gotten fucking cold in the house. If I do spend the winter here… I just don’t understand why I don’t have a wood stove in here. It’s not even below freezing yet. I’ve still got two more blankets and could be dressed warmer, but long sleeves and long pants with a wool blanket is not enough. Time for hats and wool socks. Summer was far too short this year. This is what happens on cloudy days.


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