Awaken Your Spirit

It comes to me, that this is truly what thrills me. A movie sequence that gives other people the chills because somehow a cinematographer has gotten them to experience the world the way you always do. I was born with an appreciation for extraordinary beauty in ordinary life. I was born thinking every moment was profound and to be cherished. We really are acting out each our own movie of fascinating design. I just want everyone to feel so alive as I have, as I do. As the world falls away, I ache. The friends and places that could ground me spin through my skies as fast as the sun changes with the seasons. Is everyone else letting go now too? Or are they trying too hard to hold onto what is no longer there? Knowing that I will only know how one like me can survive, as the road opens before me.

The energies of fall are beginning to hit me. Applesauce, pumpkins, winter squash, cloudy skies. My home will change before the season is over. Spring and summer passed me by with barely a wave hello. It is true. I am lost.


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