Break On Through

Oh it could be beautiful! I fall in deeper in delight, wonderment at how I got from there to here. Love blossoms. I wish we could talk like that every night. Come what may, but we look toward the same horizon. 4 more months, and maybe, finally we will be in Eureka together dreaming a new world. Bless us. I need some miracles to make rent and get plane fare.

And there’s something just beyond knowing more precisely right now and I’m excited and anticipatory about getting there. You think you’ve gone as far as you can go, and then you are just sittin’ for awhile and then, BAM! You’re unstuck and you never may have even realized you’d plateaued and then this whole new vista begins to open up and come into view and all these latent energies start to confluence and you’re like, “Whoa dude! WTF!?! THIS FUCKING ROCKS!” It is beyond awesome, beyond amazing, and grace brings you to your knees and then you’re off to play in this wickedly delightful astoundment state of astonishment because you are here. You made it.


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