North Coast

More and more I believe love is something that just happens. It is in the ether, the formless essence that structures order in nature. You can meet a new person. You can make new friends. You can enjoy someone’s company. You can experience varying degrees of physical attraction to someone, but you cannot will yourself to fall in love. It just happens, and it is magical! Love is like stargazing. You are witness to the vastness of the universe and the opportunities therein. Love is the falling in of the vastness into the grain of sand, or a seed blown on the wind, all factors flowering into new creation and life.

The same can be said for the future, you can plan, hope, wish, dream all you like. You can have vision and mission statements, but the future is what is unfolding right now, and you can only know now, right now.

But right now it is too soon to do what will need to be done. I have good thoughts for this shaking out, very good thoughts.

Right here is the soil he needs to flourish. Eureka genesis.

I wonder, if Jesus were fucking Christ, would He be masturbating?

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