So it seems this is difficult, more difficult than expected when you lack expectations and are without plans. You laugh at the buzzing of yet unrevealed harmonics, but you feel the wave, the synergy. Does California do that? I think of a white hot core inside a pine cone. Scale by scale the secret the ego, even the creation myth kept hidden falls away. What is in there? Is that what you were doing? I forgot that I remembered all along.

I find you again, a childhood dream beginning a new translation. The seeds I planted and will plant, the seed you will plant… We find you. We tumble and dance. He sings and his voice mingles in the suddenly autumnal cast of sunlight, birthing unplanned possibilities. I wish a sequence in the energies and new roads unfold as the horizon approaches. Simultaneously the kachinas and redwoods, Mt. Shasta and Summit County, the farmhouse, past and future dreams of art houses and Eureka lighthouses exist. For now, I say good-bye because I have to let go completely to come around again. My friend, in my heart I keep you, but there is only room for joy. Like learning a new music, practice, practice, practice and once again the transcendental magic shall be mastered. Oh the things we shall make! The world we will create!


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