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What do Julia Butterfly Hill, Oksana Baiul, snow, Summit County, and Mt. Shasta, and Eureka all have to do with each other? If you can somehow fit mountain lions and the McCloud watershed in there, I will be impressed and let you take over as navigator. Those are themes of the past week, weeks, month, months. Today we had more blueberry and pomegranate wine, Dead Can Dance, and meteor showers.

Captain is playing it low. Maybe he really wants to go home and his home is not where he’s at.

I have changed my mind about staying here right now, or for winter, I think. It is necessary to travel. Thinking about Summit County or northern Colorado, even in the absence of the Captain kind of gives me a little flurry of expectation and exhilaration. Yes, elation and anticipation, because we could do it. Morn me if you like, but did you really want me? It’s true, very much so, we love you. Just step into the all and nothing. Follow your high heart, but if his high heart is somewhere other than where you’re going, bless us brother, bless us. Never never ever do I want to hear about money from you, but I can’t because I want the transition to be smooth, secure. Ha! Fucking haha! Say what bro? This is where the Chi town funk and ghettophabulous lifestyle have served me well.

I know I can’t get what you want doing it the old way, their way, so… even if I want it, and do I, oh my! Well, it will have to be the new way or not at all. So I grieve you I do, but of course, I want your happiness and peace first and foremost, so I know whether you come back or whether we all move on, you’ve enriched me. I let go when you disengage from the dream design. Go do that thing. That frequency will come back later, setting up a new spiral. I have old dreams to play out. So delicious!

Let’s see, so we’ve planted these seeds last winter or longer longer ago than that. Nearly since I knew what a rocky mountain or North America was, we dreamed this, antelope girl, morning star, laughing horse. Alpine meadows echo across centuries. Can the magic inherent in Mt. Shasta bring an unbroken circle to this spiral?

But… oh yay! It’s fucking rad. Back on the board, determined to go even longer without falling off this time. Just need to know a little heart in the heat out there, hard to beat out there, someone besides me out there, ready to play, ready to create, ready to recreate snow mandalas, big cats, mountain meadows, and emerald lakes. We run in wild like jaguars hunting rams. That light, swing it low. When your eyes are like a diamond mine, deep, and bright inside. You you’re on time. I’ve got your back, in case the wind blows off your hat, free of excuses is how I prefer my muses. Wickedly embracing the spirit of being in oneself and everyone else. Our love is all around, always, from the first snow drops of spring to grapes swinging from a vine all lined up in the sunshine in Sonoma to golden leafed aspen in Colorado and lonely November crypts in St. Louis steel grey Lake Michigan waves in blustery December harbors. The beacon of a lighthouse, coast to coast the cost to ride coach but when we were horses Tuscaloosa to Tennessee and cross the border to Cherokee Franklin to Asheville Savannah Atlanta back up to Nashville Cairo Jacksonville Hannibal Fort Collins Laramine Dallas Clovis Albuquerque Fresno to Reno hey where did we go? Days when the rains came? Brown eyes and Van Morrison moondance Harvest Moon Neil Young singing us to life. What a game! What a riot! So the grid iron is replaced with train stations and the strange snow with Joe curtains and basements and then he’s there with the maps, such a twinkle in his hazel eyes, the color of everything I’ve seen along the way making hay while the sun shines. Finally, you’ve come home. Like a father welcoming the prodigal son, who is your guest? Nadeanna, he’s lovely! Beaming, is that pride? Our laughter grows and grows and echoes off the lava ridges. Stealth mode into cougar and you into hawk we patrol the high desert in search of the lost, but here, we’ve found a new home, a new base. We are anchoring dreams from these moorings and Captain, it was you who helped me to open the stargate and reunite us all!

para nossa amour


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