Dawning the 7th Night

Oh really? Really? You know it always goes better when I embrace this longing. I am so feeling your frequency and vibing on your love right now. Missing your company and flirtations ever, ever so much in this afternoon. Why not risk everything? What have I got to lose? You known I’d give it all up if I could ease this sadness the distance drops into my heart. Just a little bit, now and then, that’s all I need to hold it at bay, to flower blossoms of brilliant, creative love to overflow my cup. Baby, you know!

Because when it all falls down, I want to be tumbling to the ground of my being with your arms around me, solid and real, a physical presence to hold on to when nothing else makes sense but what comes from the heart.

I am so glad for the serenity of our telepathy. Can it be enough to guide us when we are apart while the infrastructure collapses?

Believe, all you have to do, is believe. And say it if it’s so. I know, it’s so hard for me to admit when it’s staring me in the face, but I LOVE YOU! And I will come and try my hand at the new navigation, if you want me. I will, because I always seem to land on my feet. I will give my complete faith and trust to the One and leave a climate I know I could survive in alone to come to a less gentle land where I will be dependent upon the grace of others. I will… I will… I want to. I know it is the way of the light and in alignment with divine harmony. And it will be the most courageous thing I have ever done, this complete surrender.


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