A Return to Time

So I guess making pizza is out for tonight. Patience is no longer something I wish to learn. I am attempting, somewhat unsuccessfully, to eliminate negation from my language. Right now I am finding detachment to serve me better than patience, yet it is so empty. I think I am going through some sort of grieving process for the Captain, which I think is retarded, because this has only been going on for 13 months or so. Yet, it’s been weeks since it’s been any joy from whatever it is. Certainly in a rational world it could… there we go again with the negation. Sometimes I feel that brother, I will see you on the otherside. All the ones I care for I feel this way, because geography has become this impossible thing. More impossible than lack of horrid money. Sometimes I feel like Teagan must be the only one who loves me, but then I am…. negation. I want more to stay here than to be with anyone I love and that love runs deep. There is a sorrow in me. When will any of them be here?

A clock does not measure time. A clock measures increments of space which, projected
as increments of time, are valorized into monetary units. Money does not grow on trees.
Money is a function of false time.
No one owns the biosphere. No one owns time. True time does not produce money.
Time is of the biosphere.

~Jose Argüelles~ in The Call of Pacal Votan


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