Balancing the Board

I’m still wobbling on this surf board here. Sometimes my legs get so exhausted. I’ve not got the zen of it yet, but there is a wet warmth spreading from my secret parts to tingle a vibrancy and deep rhythm of high heart. Dragons and faeries just beyond my conscious ken lay, play, flutter, take off in magnificent flight. The forests receive an ancient joy and radiate. Ride this wave.

Found out my projected last field day is November 15th. I began to panic, but it seems I have a base to operate from in Arcata. Now comes to seeing if I can leave here at the end of November or if I have to finagle some near impossible shit to stay here until the work is done. Of course, if there were winter office work, or I found a part-time job to supplement the unemployment, I could stay. How adventurous and courageous is my honey? But I do not regret deciding to come home over risking Colorado. We shall see!

So I finally got my hair cut, paid the electric bill, dropped off recycling, went to the farmer’s market with some treats to tide me over to actual grocery shopping next week, got the waterproofing stuff for my rain pants and sleeping bag, returned my Netflix, got a pedicure, picked up a copy of Eternal Echoes. A very productive day, but…. there are still so many things left to do!

I am not sure if I want to stay here. I am peering deeply into the mirrored pool. The Humboldt coast draw is increasing in strength again. So may I flow with the tides. hahaha


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