They were teaching us, me, the other Adam and some random temporary workers, how to more efficiently get out to our field sites. We would look at these images on magic lantern slides and by recognizing the site, be able to immediately think ourselves there through some remote viewing process, think remote viewing plus telekinetic teletransportation. This technology was being toted over using the GPS to navigate. Basically, the archaeologists had set up a scavenger hunt for us to complete using this new technique, but they were also training people from other departments.

He was in my dream, with his earth father, in McCloud. My creator and his earth father were there for the mountain bike race at Castle Crags. My creator seemed very impressed at my ability to master this new thought process and application of a new earth or Neirian technology instantaneously. I think the other Adam and I were working as a team and we beat L. and P. back who not only had more experience, but a distinct advantage as well in sharing thought processes because of their relationship. I was very pleased that he was pleased with my ability to function, implement, and master outside of his tutelage. Perhaps he even admitted I was more adept at this skill than he. I was also very glad he could come.

“Oh sweetness, are you going to start coming to council now too?”

He laughs.

“But I am so very glad to see you after so long! It’s good to see you again!”

He smiles and says, “Yes it’s good to see you too Nadeanna. Welcome home.”

I was all smiles and golden infusions beaming out.

We got onto a discussion of stair steps, mastery aspects, mirroring, and creation. I wanted to ask him more about the mandala keys, but his father came.

“Looks like I’m off to the bike races.”

He embraces me and whispers, “Be good at work,” in my ear, softly kisses my cheek, and winks at me as he leaves out the back of the district office.

What a sublime dream!


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