Completely New

Whatever it is you think you knew, what you assumed, forget it. It no longer applies.

In any case,  I still wish dinner were ready for me when I came home and that I was about to go curl up and spoon with my honey babe. Will you come to California? I promise I’ve got some gold right here for you. Still addicted to that sweet something something that so few have got.

My Shasta brother in One Love made the power go out at 7:07. Luckily this time I had already made and eaten dinner. Although he claims it was not he, then perhaps I myself am to blame by wishing it the night before.

Body, work with me here. We need sleep. Between now and 5 a.m.

This grave shift feels like a slave ship. Haas can’t keep workin’ like this no mo’.

Even after a day like today, when I felt so unharmonious to be going to work in the morning and felt like unelectrified lead all day, or like the poor cow laying amongst the trees, I still love my job. Don’t get me wrong. I did manage to eat dinner tonight. The watermelon relish was perfect in the summer salad, but I could have eaten more than just the huge bowl I made. I might make another leaf salad and have a spot of cranberry juice before I try in earnest to pass out. I want to sleep all morning. I need a new plan, a new cycle. It’s better to bust booty in the morning when it’s cool, but it’s also better to sleep in the morning when it’s cool. +sigh+ I wish I could be like the golden dreamer and be in the lake all afternoon, but I’d rather be working. Body, come on, please…?


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