Faster than fast

I never seem to take full advantage of the down times. I am so grateful for the weeks of slow solitude in February and all the sun naps. Now we are in hyper-drive. Serious, serious flooding in my old hood, an enormous sink hole in the middle of the road. I have yet to confirm if the art house is still standing.

I am literally going to be working my ass off until the end of August. I doubt that I will get any time off after I return from Oregon.

Lovely, and untranslatable 7-D energies from my Captain. His birthday is on the full moon. Let him master this surfing.

I, however, wobble. I am hungry, but can’t seem to cook or eat. Exhausted and sleep is elusive. I feel like I have been literally running for the past 5 days straight. What a marathon! I’ll be looking forward to some calm peaceful times toward winter. May providence bring them here. I’d love to lay on my floor watching snow flakes spin down from the mountains with one or both my honeys beside me, just brushing fingertips.

It’s not that I’m not enjoying all this. It’s just like… wow!

Oh, if I could only get this energy out so you could know what it’s like to love you!


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