That Time That Comes

I now understand perhaps what Jim meant about compromise and being ready to settle down. I would settle to settle down. There can never be another who’s a better energetic match to me than my angel. I mean lucky for him there was a better match than me, but for me, there’s not. I know it, oh deep, deep in my bones.

Hmmm, and my Captain is like a great weight of sorrow about me. You have to be sure and make those decisions accordingly. I am going, going, gone my love. You’ve had so many chances. I’m tired of being all strung out on you stringing me out. I’d rather be with someone whose company I enjoy who is willing to say I am his lady. I am willing to chose a certain peace over breaking passion.

Yet, at this point, it’s all illusion. This afternoon I tell myself the one I loved the most, our intimacies were the shallowest splash to him. Why should they burn me to the core? I let go, but in letting go there is a knowing of it never again being that beautiful way, and how I could want anything else any better than the way that that was…


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