Cat Food Synchronicity

“Cat country,” Albe said.

“How would you know cat country?” I asked.

“My family had flocks of sheep. I brought them from the island to the mainland to graze in the winter when the islands are scoured by wind and rain. There were cats in rocks among the sheltered valleys where there is grass no matter how bad the weather gets. Cat,” she said. “Small cat, sometimes large cat.”

“Yeah it was hot the last time I was there. Almost 100.”

“Where at?”

“Susanville. But now we’re working around McCloud.”

“McCloud’s beautiful. I haven’t been down there to play lately.”

“At the golf course?”

“Oh no, down by the reservoir.”

“Ah. It’s so pretty there.”

“But since my dog died six years back, I pretty much stick to the lake. Once you get down below that by the river, you’re nothing but cat food.”

A long conversation centering on mountain lions ensued. Having only seen one mountain lion here, I find it difficult to believe I could possibly be stalked, let alone attacked by one, but then I realize he’s right. There aren’t very many animals in these forests, almost no deer, and the ones there are, are scrawny.

I don’t think I want to find out if the mountain lions would leave me alone just because I carry a jaguar totem. I need to find my whistle, because I am not getting a dog or giving up wandering in the forest alone. I was there alone just a month ago. The snakes were much more on my mind.

I’ve completely lost my mind. I really can’t sleep anymore. Eating is treacherous and does not seem to be helping me ground.


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