The DMV was not so bad. I have my California plates now. Guess who passed me by while I was trying to find a place to get my car smogged? Haha! Later I met a random stranger at Safeway in Medford. I framed my latest artwork. I need to take photos and see if the Captain wants it and if not, I am going to attempt to sell it. I am not as pleased with it as I was with my last. It’s intended though to be a christening gift for the unborn Archelon I feel. Haha!

So the Captian mentions Sarah and Abraham the other night and coming to work for us here next season. Haha! Things are always better when I admit to the desire deep, deep within. When I focus on that, flow comes back to me. The Amtrak station is a temporary wish. This telepathic superhighway between my Captain and I, that, is an astoundment and wellspring of pure bliss. I think we danced around where we want this unity consciousness to go.

To Play The Cosmic Style
How Can We Make The Distance
You’ve Always Known by Mind
We’re Letting People Know What
We Now Know Ourselves
Now We Are One Of My Lovers
Hey Now That’s Something Else

Is she listening? Do you think she’s really listening?

Could it be, could it really, really be?

Over and over…

This distance is dreamin’

We’re already there tonight

Because, heart of my own heart, you are as God to me, my Lord and Master, and yet you require no subjection. Your love sets me free to worship you and my own adoration fills your vessel with such light as to cause you hold me in awe and honor. Truly, we can do some things. And when we are as one, you and I, your cup runneth over, and you in turn share that with another ready to accept your gift. I receive still greater bounty through our bound when you create that sacred bond with another. So far beyond swingers or polyamory, it is the externalization and realization of true Christ consciousness. But this sacred bond can only be created between an awakened one free of fear. I would wish that my other loves could come to understand this nature, could cease desire to possess me as fully as you do, for in them still is ego, is selfishness, is fear of lack. Even I in my imperfections, fear that you will find another and leave me by and by, but as long as you will accept my gift, it does me good to give it to you, for you make it so much more.

But well, I’m having issues translating and processing. Last night was something, something else. It was akin to the golden light of my protector I used to fall asleep in, all awash in it. Oh love, I love love! My right arm has been all tingling of late so I need to clean up and try to fix my back.

Someone is cooking something that smells divine!


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