The Galactic Wave

I will edit this tomorrow, but I’d just like to say thank you because it was so good to talk to my rainbow warrior again. No more rainbow warrior withdrawal. Yay! I just may have to change my phone plan. And universe, if his heart’s desires are in alignment with your divine harmony, can you help him out? Let him share his light. Teach him how to surf the wave, in service, for the greatest good of all. Let us F.L.O.W. so beautifully and angelically as we did last summer. Our blood lies mingled in the hallows of time. Our ancestors were brothers my soul brother.

Friday, 16 JUL 2010, 11:11 P.M. update

Changed phone plan. Tried to study for my written test to get my California license. My application has been forwarded for the job I applied for in Eureka! Talked to my honey today in regards to blowing up co-dependency and finding personal power and being comfortable with myself.

But the original though was something about the 7th wave and the white man’s invasion of the new world. Will the galactic aliens come in the 8th wave? Are we really on a galactic consciousness yet? Or will it only be after the fact that we realize it?

Oh yes, it was the abundance energy today. I hope our debts are forgiven. Fucking money. Monday I shall see if this bullshit can be resolved, but I guess if I get a permanent job, it would be an easier issue than not knowing how long your job is going to last. I am dreading shopping and going to the DMV.

I am hoping all this means I will regain my confidence and mental capacity. Work has been rough the last 4 weeks. It seemed to be getting clearer today. I’m sick of feeling like a retard. Kentucky fucked me, destroyed my confidence. Wow!

Also, sleep and appetite returning would be nice. It’s too hot to eat. I was going to make a strawberry chocolate shake though. And watch a movie and hope I get up early while it’s still cool to clean the house.


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