I remember when I could divine the future. Since spring, everything has been a hazy fog, a think gray gel, impenetrable. It’s making me crazy, giving me headaches, making me literally blind and deaf at times, but mostly making me wish I could throw up and feel better. I cannot see anything. Since I have come home, it’s like everyday we have an ‘adaptability test’.

Oh, then I see this job posting that is where my grandparents used to live. $100 a day – no per diem. Um… this was not even an acceptable wage for professional work back in 2003 before I started grad school. Living somewhere where the cost of living was less than half what Dutchess County is. All eastcoast archaeologists must be trustfunders. I have witnessed private contract wages fall over the last two years, now most of the eastern United States is paying as poorly as Milwaukee, and less than in 2003 when I got into all this. HOW THE FUCK DO YOU EXPECT ME TO PAY STUDENT LOANS?

Luckily for me, if I can get those morons to base it on my annual income and switch to the new IBR, which I should qualify for, I’ll be looking at a payment more along the lines of my phone bill rather than maintaining a second household. I WILL HAVE MY CAKE AND EAT IT TOO. I KNOW THE LOCATION OF THE MAGIC DOOR. YOUR GPS AND MAPS HOWEVER WILL BE USELESS SHOULD YOU SEEK IT. However, I am out of phone minutes and working 11 hour days.

Monday I get to become an official California resident. I am so looking forward to the DMV. GAWD!

Universe, please, I need Teagan and Quinn and my crew to join me here. I miss them so much!

I’ve been thinking about Colorado a lot lately. Oh Captain, I wish I could afford to fly to Denver and spend a weekend with you.

Consciousness convergence, please be my lifeboat.

Mt. Shasta, please lead me on the path of the high heart and let’s get some manifestations rolling again. Let’s get this gel gellin’ as long as I’m stuck in it.


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