Mountain Snow

I have, since April, had a number of dreams where I am living in the mountains, like here, but not always here in which it keeps snowing at really inappropriate or strange times. I also had a snow dream where I was in Milwaukee and was worried about driving somewhere, not really worried, but knowing that it was going to suck and be difficult. I think I was driving to the Amtrak station, so we have the train station dream again.

This morning I had a dream that I was living in a trailer in the woods. There was no bathroom in the trailer so I had to pee out in an outhouse, or just outside. While I was peeing a bear snuck onto my front porch. I was like, “Ack it smelled my food! How am I going to get back inside? I’m out here all alone. I’m so tired. I just want to sleep.” So I confronted the bear and it swiped me in the face with it’s paw, but I scared it. Something fell on my head and I hit the floor. I got a lump on my head and bruised my tailbone. I screamed to scare the bear while it was attacking me, so a neighbor showed up. I think that’s when I ended up in Milwaukee. I was like, “Don’t worry. I have tea tree oil,” when people commented on the cuts on my face.

Snowy, rocky mountains don’t seem like a good dream symbol but I am always in this state of complete awe and feeling blessed to be in these beautiful sacred places. I’m never climbing the mountains, but looking at them from a distance, or suddenly appearing on them, and then suddenly appearing back in town.

Train stations also do not seem like a good dream symbol.

I guess the night twilight and tornadoes have happened and now I am onto waiting for the strange snow and bullet trains. I also keep having these dreams of some alternate future Sacramento, but it’s completely unlike the Sacramento I know. It’s just my brain is telling me that it’s Sac. There’s this coffeeshop where I keep meeting the G.F.L. people at. It’s really weird. I think Emily was there this morning. Which was also strange. Mostly I am meeting strangers. I think Jesse was going to the train station with me in Milwaukee or Chicago and we were going to pick up Adam.

There’s the crazy Twilight house in the forest. I visited there again. Mike was there, but it was empty otherwise and I couldn’t stay.


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