The New Ship Is Leaving Port

Captain, we shall pick you up sometime we come to port again. Now it is time to set sail.

In every port, I own the heart… Well, you know, we don’t really own hearts anymore. And and and doing it, doing it, and doing it well.

Every night Council travels. I awoke in pain, but also vibrating vroom in crystaline platinum brilliance alive with wonder the lovely heady dream of old skool hip-hop and all the joys of ghetto summers floating around me as the last quicksilver of the moon slid from my kitchen. Awake! So alive.

Bad news crept in. I cried on the shoulder of the first mate. Would you sail away with me? Would you go if it were truly time? Would you dream a new dream with me? Or maybe, maybe we have found a new captain, the Shasta keytone. He’s been guarding the stargate while I was away for us love. He has to stay, but, what was I saying anyway? uWe are anchoring the very first 5D starcity. Huzah this is the sound of the drum. This is the sound that Gods make. This particular rhythm, caught in my ear. I hum and thrum. Ruby ruby RUBY!

Remember the aspen and antelope girl? Hey hey, so the ship is taking it’s maiden voyage. Hope to pick you up soon. I loves you bunches and bunches and bunches.


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