Spirit says, “If you build it, they will come.” I came to Kentuckuy to invite you home, because I love you. Many years from now, I will go back to the lake and you… well… just know you are welcome to be safe in the forest in the lap in the mother creator. I am so blessed, and so I will listen to Spirit and try to hold out until Thursday.

Spirit is also not helping with lunch plans, “Stay,” Spirit says. If-ing I make bread, it won’t be ready until 5ish. I must go shopping. I think of a grocery store, hold the image in my mind, and all indicators are blah. “Stay,” whispers Spirit.

Can I really manage to get by until Thursday without restocking?

Happily Spirit indicates that I am to make more summer salad for lunch. And next Saturday the farmer’s market starts. Yay!

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