I want to know if there’s a word that takes juju beyond just a sort of luck instilled from a voodoo fetish. Captain, you have to get over this voodoo aversion, or we might have to set sail without ju. Dig? S’it’s ‘K. Mmm ma luv.

Or if Jah weren’t about that pissy little Yawhen Jahovah who cried when we spanked him…

My Lord Shiva can take the heights and the punishment for pride. He fears no other gods. His ego is strong, yet balanced, in it’s own time. My Lord Shiva is master of the blade dance and he teaches me, if only I would ever be a good pupil. Shiva is amused by voodoo and any embracement of it I display.

What’s that word? For now juju will do, but I am owning it and changing it. Stellar juju.

Yeah, stellar juju comes when you realize ju jah. AKA thou are God. Grok? lol.


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