Bloody Pulp

I dreamed I wanted to beat this boy who stole parts of people’s bikes from my parents’ yard. The bike owners weren’t even my friends. I caught this boy and his foster mother was standing there, letting me hold him by the scruff and SCREAM at him. I wanted to batter him against the concrete wall and wrought iron fence between the yards until he was unconscious, until he was dead. He showed utterly no remorse. This is why we will not be able to move on as a whole humanity. There are too many ghetto punks like this boy, like BP, like AT&T – a bunch of WHORES and too many foster mothers who stand by and condone or at least tolerate this intolerable behavior. The G.A. would destroy or separate, it seems as though we are now headed all down in the same ship. You have failed. We have failed. This is End Game and we have lost.

Please prove me wrong…


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