Not Feeling Any Better About This…

The huge and hard won victories of last year seem like distant fairytales.

We’ve got money, money, money issues! I want to see it all in the black. I need a haircut, a dental cleaning, an obgyn visit, new glasses… I want to see that bailout for the people now! I want to see that Gulf mess Deepwater Horizon shit poof and g-o-n-e! NOW! RIGHT NOW!

I want to see full disclosure of first contact now! If that bullshit about the bank of St. Germaine is true, bring it!

All of it, bring it, bring it now! The G.A. expected all of this about 65 years ago. WE ARE DONE WAITING! NO MORE WAITING! BRING IT!

As far as the collective goes, this is the dirtiest and filthiest it’s EVER been. I am tired of trying to ward it off and tune it out. I am tired of trying to heal it. BLECK! I am tired of being constantly poisoned and I can’t even find the things I know I need to heal right now.

Great things are about to happen? Not when we’ve only got 0.6% on board.

Look, there are things I really need right now. I’ve tried to manifest them. I’ve tried to sacrifice other things to ensure my ability to procure them. I need serious help. I need a miracle beyond miracles. I need something radically different, and I need it now!


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