Subways, el trains, and interchanges

I dreamed about subway stations and highway interchanges this morning. I also dreamed about nearly losing my balance off of a ledge in a subway station. There was something about an economic anthropology class I was very excited about. It seems I was running around the stairs in the station trying to get away from this hood rat hoochie. When I got to the top I scrambled up and Marom was there, telling me about this course. Seems Spencer and Taylor were in the dream too. When does this end? Please let this end.

Chapter 4

‘Learning, growth. I do not seek the young learner, the young learner seeks me. To ask once brings you insight; to ask two or three times brings only confusion, not insight. You benefit from determination.’

This mass of unorganized potential calls for you to become a strong leader, embracing all parts of yourself, taking responsibility for your own potential and managing it like a general, or a great teacher. It may be that a large part of what you have to do here is simply wait for the growth and light that will make it possible to move on.

And he said, “I would be the god of hermit crabs.”


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