Solstice Cut-up

If you could see into the future, would you do it different now? Would you find a way to love me, somehow?

Rapture, where have you left me? Tribute to the trees, it’s about passion, words. Why have you put me on a hold? I made a promise with you, and stayed so true to you. Still you’re leaving me so alone. I’m moving around and around the thought of you. I’m yearning to slip and fall and crash into you. Would it bring you to me if I looked into your eyes and brought life to your heart? I would hold tight, never let go, and bring light to your world. You are my desire.

Would you rescue me if I fell into obscurity? Would you take me higher? Would you catch me just before I’ve fallen in too deep? Would you find a way to love me, somehow?

There are things I never get to say. The fear in me always in the way, a broken heart, never mended. I’ve been waiting and waiting for so long. Bring life to my heart. A little pearl, locked in a shell, but if you could move to create one liberated moment, then in each breath I’m taking you’d discover beauty hides in the deep. Yet, so hard to find your desire, being wrapped up inside, lost in a forest. Some nights, you pass through me again. Visit the fresh success in Dunsmuir’s holy ghost in the unveiled connection, secure just before dawn comes. The visionary artist is right for you. Work from a sufficient source, this moment of summer. Make hay while the sun shines. You are my star, my sunshine. Do it, all wet from snow melt on Mt. Shasta, sacred until we’ve got more coming in McCloud. I always wonder why don’t I feel what the world out there is like. How I can fit in? I don’t expect you to know me when I can’t even find myself in the choices I made. I want you to know, I’ll never forget you. Don’t forget.

Call me. Fall away with me. Close the door. Turn off the light. Either one is always left behind, waiting for love to change your mind. Pleasure turns to pain in a moment. I still feel you beneath my skin. I don’t know why you kept me coming back. I am tempted to throw my senses in, because it’s easier to fly home than to face another day in southern sun. Your love is all around, in the air to set me free. You last like a sun. I am pieces on the wind, one more day. It’s never too late. Don’t you know, it’s never too much. I breathe in closer. Haunted by your grace, will you ever want me? Always in my mind, I hear you calling. So far away, you’re gone so long and I’m waiting til the day I take you home.

I can’t find the sense in letting you go. No end seems right. Just let it be. There’s room in your heart to know love.


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