Three Things

I will no longer believe what others may tell me or try to teach. Those who I hold in honor, I will listen to, and my heart and intuition will take away what is right, my own Truth. The electric blue ones came again, the seraphim, the mask in the hallway, whatever you may.

Wait. Wait.

Even the grace of God binds me to this bower I have warded and made my home.

Yet today more pieces were revealed. The Mayans called Orion the turtle star and it is, as I understand, the reason for the starways of the Anasazi, the pyramids of the Egyptians and Mayans its placement in the sky with Venus, antelope girl, in the prophecies somewhere locked inside of me, at the end of the cycle.

And now comes a vibration rattling the windows, like a jet plane overhead, heavy machinery, a jackhammer and the sound sweeping winds. What is it that happens? It grows in waves and subsides. It must be more than I-5 or a train. A dog barks and howls. It is perhaps the interstate, but it seems so loud and the windows…

When will I be able to breathe these thoughts in the same sphere as work/academia/profession?

I am exhausted now.


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