Wild Mountain Thyme

My California Orange Blossom, she’s got sunbeams in her hair….

If you’re on the western trail just ramblin’ to and fro ramble out our way and get that glad hello…

The future California will return to a Mediterranean climate and be bountiful with the fruit of the earth: strawberries which my love and I will raise the best strawberries in all the land, blackberries, olives, almonds, oranges, lemons, grapes, plums, cherries… It will all be organic. It will be sun-kissed. We will make oils and wines of the finest quality. We will trade with our farmers, so that when one comes to get strawberries from our farm, we will be able to offer them a fine smoke and a massage with almond oil scented with local, organic essential oils. California will again be the promised land, but this time it will be for the bounty of the earth and the diverse environments rather than gold. We will make the most delightful evening meals and sit outside and play music until the light disappears from the sky and the stars come out.

There will be love freely given, fearlessly, because all we have had to fear will be no longer in this world. We will welcome you to our table to share in our feast and be glad of the company and news. And I will find a turn table that plays 78s and amass my collection and add to it so that we can listen to Coleman Hawkins some afternoon siesta while sipping iced herbal sun tea made fresh that morning. ♥

And I may be off the moon cycle again, but I think this is the first time I have ovulated in over a year and half. When you are 5’10” with strong core muscles from manual labor, you cut quite an imposing figure to have enough body fat to ovulate. I’ve been feeling like a giant lately. Not fat, but bigger than most humans. +makes burly sound effects+

A woman is like water, if you let her flow, she is pure and clear, but if you try to stop up that sexual energy and repress it, she becomes stagnant and putrid. Thank you baby for uncorking that wellspring, but now what do I do that I’ve left you halfway across the continent? I need a new lover to release and ground me, but who understands all that I AM, so it will be pure and clear. Or I need a way to redirect this flow until you join me home.

The ocean does not frighten me standing on the shore, but when I am out on the ocean, even harbored, well that’s even more frightening than standing at the top of a snow packed slope wondering if you will be able to control your speed. The ocean is the most potentially powerful force.

I’m still praying/working on that gulf thing, and I hope I am doing a good job, that I am taking the high road, but I have been feeling so exhausted lately, just wanting to lay in the sun all day and sleep all night, even before it is dark or gets light out. It still feels like spring. This is strange to me, because normally at this time of year I would be content on 4 or 5 hours of sleep and impossible to slow down. It worries me greatly for what September and later may bring. I am so utterly reliant on the sun to maintain my well being. Argentina would be a great blessing, but I can’t even guess what the rest of the day may bring.


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