Questions & Reflections

Dear Universe,

I really want to talk to Zakary sometime this week. He is a very good mirror for me and I need to feel my reflection to project future manifestations. What we created last fall is drawing to a close. The seeds I planted in Tennessee pertain to a different mission. It’s time to create again with my wonderful soul brother. Please guide me to our contact if he is still in town.

In synchronicity and peace,

Your daughter,


The Captain is really not mean to me, intentionally, at least not the majority of the time. It’s just that he’s oblivious, but it seems that Chapter 24 has become a common and sacred thread for teacher to become pupils and vise versa. The crew of this vessel is becoming more clearly delineated day-by-day. Yet, the primary roles are fuzzy and wobble. There’s the Captain of course. I am the navigator. What a huge responsibility! I enjoyed the time at tranquility base consulting maps with fine company and the lubrication of the fruit of the vine, field, and tree, but now I have come home. Whether that be to procure other ancient maps, or to await my next orders, I know not. Caught between worlds I am. We keep coming back down to interact with people. And I caught between my Lord and Master and the ONE LOVE and my sworn mission as a naiad. But just received is the message that I should turn the book upside down and oracle from it, which means I-ching and finding the book.

It’s more fun that way!

The Captain’s role is to command. My role is to direct. The quartermaster’s role is to provide, signal, and steer. Again plans for the course being set are stagnant, Chapter 12, because there is a lack of understanding between the different classes of men. Yet gentlemen, I feel that through our creative works and the golden grid, we will be able to translate, at least for some. I feel torn apart that we are all apart and now is a time of hard work, on all fronts, and sometimes it is bitter. Joys may be immense, but they are short-lived. Always there is the longing for the golden time when we will be whole again. My anam cara, know I love you as deep as the source of the springs I guard.

Heaven and earth are out of communion and all things are benumbed. What is above has no relation to what is below, and on earth confusion and disorder prevail. The dark power is within, the light power is without. Weakness is within, harshness without. Within are the inferior, and without are the superior. The way of inferior people is in ascent; the way of superior people is on the decline. But the superior people do not allow themselves to be turned from their principles. If the possibility of exerting influences is closed to them, they nevertheless remain faithful to their principles and withdraw into seclusion.

The seven is the number of the young light.

I told you we needed to tip the ship. The dark is rising, and there will be no final battle, we have already won. The war is over. We are the peace.

UPDATE: We are apart to marry ourselves to the land. If ever there was a doubt that this was home, now none remains. I stand as a sentinel overlooking the image burned in my mind, Soda Creek Ridge. I have rode out to witness my lands, our lands, in harmony as at Squaw Creek, and slightly out of balance at Faerie Falls. I have soaked in the springs and tested my fear on the volcano’s slopes. The forests welcome me with the embrace of a mother welcoming home her adult child. Sometimes they cry for help through the wireless that ties us all back to the chaotic world around us. Sometimes still they weep with me, but we resolve to be strong.

Know your garden… Gather yourselves… We are the ones we have been waiting for.

But still, I miss you. It gives me great joy to send my kisses on angel wings to brush softly your cheeks and embrace you. The coolness of their fanning likely a better companion in the sweltering heat in any case.


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