8D *Gate @ Mt.Shasta?

I keep wondering about this deep knowing that sometimes surfaces. Perhaps my creation mission has not been ‘completed’. While reading Lisa Renee’s Blog it is coming to me that, yeah duh, of course I am part of the Guardian Alliance, but there is now definitely a feeling of my being a facilitator of the stargate at Mt. Shasta and that I feel this is an 8D stargate and definitely has been guarded by the Wintu people, by Buddhist monks on many dimensional levels and by the Saurians and Pleiadians in the etheric field. (And how strange it is to see with my eyes these higher dimensional energies!) There was something about my geographical placement last year, and Jonathan altering my field of being perception and the sunlight that allowed me to open the portal to Neira and begin a physical manifestation of home here. This manifestation spread out of the Cascades to the Trinity Alps and to the north coast. Geography and ‘maps’ and all manner of navigation and piloting seem critical to this endeavor.

I also assisted in setting up the golden grid transmission towers near Fenton, MO in October of 2008. This was a tipping point at which I’d thought we were averting the disaster I’d been panicky about since February of 2007.

The watersheds seem critical to me as well.

But now I just want to better understand my role because it is different than the Saurian or Pleiadian roles at this stargate. Sometimes I feel like the enemy, but yet, this is not the case. I am just trying to understand the galactic politics involved here. We haven’t yet moved beyond that, I wish! At least, I have not yet, because I need to first understand it. But where is everyone else from home? And why is the one I found here still only partially awakened? And why are all the other starchildren Saurian and Pleiadian?

The one who comes from far away, the keeper of the key, Guardian....

There is an emergence about to take place, but the people of Neira do need your help. I think this is beginning to happen. Those of us from the outer rim have come to assist in bringing this vibrant diverse planet online. We, the universal wanderers and gypsies, and I am the common link, Nadeanna of the fern filled bog, Neira? But I don’t quite get it. Lisa Renee’s writings resonate with me more than any of this other voodoo star shit but it’s like no one yet remembers why and what exactly I was/am doing here.

Even though moving back and not working at first felt like a disruption and more chaos, I am thinking it was very necessary and when I get to the next plateau I will be able to see how perfect it all was.

Also, when I was hiking along Squaw Creek Sunday, it was so amazing to see how nature operates in complete harmony. Coming upon some bees I just knew the way they changed direction when their field came into contact with my field, we could both feel it and I could see how those energies were interacting, but beyond this one hike, things have felt out of balance, like we are pushing against something trying to maintain our relative peace and balance here. Or things will be better, safer, closer – yet not that perfection of harmony I witnessed Sunday. Close, so close.

Well, yeah, this is feeling like a multi-dimensional ego tantrum now, and not worth posting, but I will leave it so that you can witness the insanity that goes through my head.

Now I understand not feeling great about leaving the house and being apprehensive about going to the Bay this weekend.

It will be hard to keep all my energy contained here, because people I deeply love are very far away from me right now and through the trees is the easiest way to communicate and be one with them.


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