Thank Gods for the Faerie Bower

So I get this call from this woman, who I had emailed weeks, seems like a lifetime ago, about a roommate deal. Well, she calls tonight and is in total panic mode, so much so that I was like, “OH MY GOD I DON’T WANT TO HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU! ICKY CACA POO POO!” So I started shaving the cedar branch sitting on my window while I was on the phone with her. Yup, I already found a place and have been here for two weeks. I think going for a one bedroom was a very good plan. There are not a lot of other Joes running around out there, you know? The cedars keep me safe from would be leeches.

I did hang out with Noah and Jason today. We drove up to Mt. Shasta for lunch because the two places we wanted to go here were closed. Then I drove them up to Bunny Flats, AND THERE IS STILL SNOW SO TOMORROW ON JUNE 8th, I AM GOING SKIING!!! Uh… guess my dreams weren’t that far fetched. It looks like it will be there for awhile which means when I get my snowboarding boots, I can go snowboarding too. Hmm, this time last year you could get up to Panther Meadow. WEIRD. Um, thanks el nino?

Oh, there is that whole holy thing and respecting the volcano, but it was time to go up today. Spirit said.


And reading Walden is like eating chocolate moose. That, and it’s pretty hilarious. I’m only on the first chapter, “Economy”. Life is good, but it would be even better if I had some fried onion rings, chocolate moose and ma honey were here. Onion rings and chocolate moose? Um… I am pretty sure I’m not pregnant, but that’s gotta make me wonder.

But it feels entirely too late for me to be up and that I am entirely too peppy for this time of night. Today was strange as far as perception of time went. The day just slipped through my hands like water. +swoof+


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