I dreamed about the maps. It was such a wonderful dream because things were beginning to be like home, more like home. Everything was alive with the consciousness. I was tending a zen garden with colored sands and I could feel the pulse of the earth herself. She was rejoicing because we had made it. We had rites of passage for youth. The boys had to go through a forest full of owls as the unmarried women set up their challenge. The women had to face bears and circle faerie hills. Now I am thinking a zen garden with colored sands is a fabulous ideal, but they have to be natural or naturally dyed.

The maps were duplicated on a poster that described all the faiths that adhered to this new consciousness and to the maps. Of course mushrooms were important. But is that because I’d been talking about going morel hunting a few hours before bed, or because that consciousness is the bridge between human consciousness and the plant consciousness or universal knowing?

I was playing around with ScratchLive last night. I started attempting to record a song from various loops in GarageBand, but really, I think the time for a mixer is overdue. Universe, could you help me out with this? The chainsaw of the neighbor and the train whistle are singing together. I love how the whistle sounds down here. It’s like angel voices between the ridges. Until we get teleportation down, trains are going to be the way we GO. Haha, so it is going to be kind of like steamer punk.

It did not hurt at all that Ashton Kutcher was flirting with me, much to my earth sister’s incredulity. Really? Really. Our phones had gotten a lot more important. Think smartphones, but almost A.I. interfaces.

Could I remember the names of the faiths? No. But some of the maps looked like outlines of mushrooms or handtools like a log skidder. In order to build in the consciousness, a conscious being must build. Manufacture really brings the man back in the picture. The Masons return to power, blessed for keeping the wisdom and light for so long.

This opening allows mutual acknowledgment. If I ever do have a partner, I feel that he will have to be a Mason. The devic, elemental, earth energies must be married, illuminated, and merged with the higher tones of light and sacred wisdom.

What can I do today? I was hoping the sun would be out. I’m still going to get the bread machine and the Univega. I am still planning to go to Greenhorn Park. Yesterday I decided that sharing one’s light meant using creativity to have some sort of end product that your spirit had been imbued in that you could share. The turtle drawing is coming along very slowly, but I am confident I shall finish before the Captain sires a son. I’ve decided it’s to be a christening gift for the child. This must be one important kid to have their soul consciously directing people that aren’t even going to be its parents long before it is even conceived. (He laughs at me, “Really Nadeanna, song of my heart, how do you know you will not be this child’s mother? If not in seed, than surely in spirit. You and I are to raise a child together.” I think, “How can there be another child? I am barren, and Teagan is my first borne son. Even if not my flesh and blood, I am his mother, and he is my one and only shining star.” Then the Captain reminds me of Sarah and miracles. I think surrogates are more practical and besides, I have dreamed of this younger woman, maybe even from home, her energy reminds me so much of Miss Emily. Her name is Sarah, or was it only that Sarah dreamed her? Yes, the younger star sister of Emily and I, she will be the mother of Archelon. We will meet her soon I think, in a couple of years.)

If we put dots on the map where my web lays, it doesn’t make much sense. A cluster here, a cluster in Southeastern Wisconsin, and a cluster in West Tennessee with a satellite in Walden, Wyoming and one in Sacramento and some loose affiliates in Austin. It no longer feels like we are dispersed for safety because the war has been over, but because we each are specially attuned to specific energies. If I accept the mission I was offered last summer, there will be negotiations to unbind me from the lake and Pike River. However, for this to happen, a new guardian or guardians must be available to fill my role. So I still feel bound up back east, and to a lesser degree at the Mississippi/Missouri confluence and Mississippi/Ohio confluence.

Anyhow the lady with the bread machine will probably be calling me soon. I’m supposed to be heading out the door at this point, but the clouds are not exactly motivating me to get out and ride.


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