The Ship is Sinking

Captain, I told you the GPS was going to fail. Now you won’t trust me to chart your course and I don’t think you know how to on your own without the technology. I guess this is goodbye, because the growth has stopped. Everything feels like it’s retracting and dying.

How can I do this alone? Someone is not praying very good about the job situation or the gulf mess. Suffering for greater good? BAH! FUCK THAT SHIT! NOW! RIGHT NOW! 40 YEARS AGO? FUCK! #@#!

And that I might take a pipeline job to survive? Double fuck! Puke! But then maybe I will have money to buy my farm in Missouri so… there is no stability and I ought to have gone skiing today rather than applying for jobs.

Honestly, why I bother some days is far, far beyond my comprehension.


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