Aural Vibration

Sometimes it’s just easier to talk. It’s when you hear the echo of your own thoughts that you begin to reap your own wisdom and realize just how far you have come. Yay for good friends, old friends, wise friends!

Our Wisdom:

Everything has a shadow.

Everything is a poison in the wrong dose.

Be open and empathic so your choices and thoughts do not wobble the manifestations of the dreams you co-create with your soul brothers and sisters.

Be awake and aware.

Know that you are God.

Be brilliantly random to create good chaos from which creative pontentialities can be birthed. Be in control of the chaos by co-creating it first with your soul brothers and sisters in divine harmony.

Do not wait for the universe to shake your aquarium.

Never make a decision in which fear is a factor. A choice out of fear is the wrong choice. Period.

Choose joy.

Choose love.

Choose beauty.

Be kind. The choices you make in this moment are weaving your future potentials.

Lay out the cards and invest in things that may seem impractical or impossible in this moment. You never know where the river will flow.

Take the time to listen to the rhythm of life around you. Be still and find the thread of harmony to weave into your tapestry.

Be adaptable. Expect the unexpected.

Dance the blade.

Catch the wave.

Wobble into the wobble if it pleases you.

Dance windershins to decrease the velocity of wobbles that displease you.

Embrace all that is.

Know that polarity is an illusion, misappropriated to create desire and longing which easily become fear of disappointment.

Never let attachment create fear.

Ask for assistance.

Accept help.

Feel deserving of your rewards.

Revel in your accomplishments.

Share your strengths.

Look for where your gifts can produce the most bounty. Reap the rewards. Share. Help others to do the same.

Remember to say thank you!

Be in grace.

Be in awe.

Know that you are loved.

Challenge yourself, or the universe surely will.

I get this nudging feeling. Nudge, nudge the deepwater horizon. More like toxic disaster of hell. Nudge, nudge the gel-trapped star children to Ashland so Siskiyou can bask in some Chi-town funk taking off in the mothership. If you build it, they will come. If you leave, they will follow. If you set sail, they will leave port. I will make you fishers of men. Nudge, nudge. From above, from below, but lots of times, from within. Nudge, nudge. Nudge the sand mandalas, the mandala portal keys, the maps, the owls, the bears, the golden light, the platinum light, the sparkles. Don’t sit around and waste this chance to see it. Love will overcome. Who’s got the funk? Gotta have that funk! Bring in the funk. Can you dig the funk, the funky funk? Funk. Juju. Funk. Nudge. Nudge. And someday we explode into the sparkles. ZOOOMPH! Sometimes I wish that I could recognize you as easily as the Captain, that I would know your thoughts and energies like his and be awash in them. I know him like I know funk, like I know juju, as deeply as my sister, more clearly than my creator. The rainbow warrior, bridging the gap. Oh love, you are in everything. Written on the wind, the breath of a friend, the arms of another lover, the glitter of sunlight on pine needles, the spider in a web, the beetle in the soil, the dance of butterflies, the surprise dragonfly at the Shell station. If I could be with everyone as I am with you. If I could be in everything to everyone as you are with me. You baby, are the key, and we are emerging. Shaman to shaman to shaman to all men, all women, all dolphins, bacteria, jaguars, fireflies, sighing and sighing through the wireless. It is us!



I wished for the wind and it came to me and caressed me like a conjured lover.

To those messing with my juju: the Colorado voyage is temporarily on hold, stop investing in it happening now. I love you baby. You know this. Be out there alone. Work hard. Be in joy. What I am investing in is ma honey coming in on the morning train, coming to my front door with our feline child kitten familiar, and the colored sand mandalas and zen garden. Later on will come Colorado, St. Louis, Chicago, Lake Michigan, returning to the urban interface, and the art houses. Now is the time of the Cascade forests, stargates, and watersheds. You Captain, I do not think shall make the Soda Creek Ridge connection. You already made these decisions against California last year when the door was wide open.

In fact, I may not spend any quality time with you until the farm co-operative. I mourn your loss. We have a long way to heal the earth before I will not disintegrate coming back east.

To the other, it’s really annoying when your duality angst reflects in my head all afternoon at work. Triplicity and infinity my brother. I’m sure my West Tennessee stars would agree, it’s more fun to make two and one with three. Or one and one and one and add another for a lovin’ spoonful of cuddle waves. Dream what you want, but this twin flame nonsense is incomprehensible to me.

Grateful for my angels, trying to transition to the solitude of the faerie bower without being stuck in only my own energy, but finding myself having to shield and block out even those who I thought were oscillating at a higher frequency. There has been a lot of going back within to find my center.


The New Ship Is Leaving Port

Captain, we shall pick you up sometime we come to port again. Now it is time to set sail.

In every port, I own the heart… Well, you know, we don’t really own hearts anymore. And and and doing it, doing it, and doing it well.

Every night Council travels. I awoke in pain, but also vibrating vroom in crystaline platinum brilliance alive with wonder the lovely heady dream of old skool hip-hop and all the joys of ghetto summers floating around me as the last quicksilver of the moon slid from my kitchen. Awake! So alive.

Bad news crept in. I cried on the shoulder of the first mate. Would you sail away with me? Would you go if it were truly time? Would you dream a new dream with me? Or maybe, maybe we have found a new captain, the Shasta keytone. He’s been guarding the stargate while I was away for us love. He has to stay, but, what was I saying anyway? uWe are anchoring the very first 5D starcity. Huzah this is the sound of the drum. This is the sound that Gods make. This particular rhythm, caught in my ear. I hum and thrum. Ruby ruby RUBY!

Remember the aspen and antelope girl? Hey hey, so the ship is taking it’s maiden voyage. Hope to pick you up soon. I loves you bunches and bunches and bunches.


Spirit says, “If you build it, they will come.” I came to Kentuckuy to invite you home, because I love you. Many years from now, I will go back to the lake and you… well… just know you are welcome to be safe in the forest in the lap in the mother creator. I am so blessed, and so I will listen to Spirit and try to hold out until Thursday.

Spirit is also not helping with lunch plans, “Stay,” Spirit says. If-ing I make bread, it won’t be ready until 5ish. I must go shopping. I think of a grocery store, hold the image in my mind, and all indicators are blah. “Stay,” whispers Spirit.

Can I really manage to get by until Thursday without restocking?

Happily Spirit indicates that I am to make more summer salad for lunch. And next Saturday the farmer’s market starts. Yay!

Denial and Delusion

If you think about something, you give it power.

Meditate on that.

I am mistress of the blade dance, fierce and increasingly separated, and utterly glad to be back home. No matter what happens, in this moment, I belong exactly.


I want to know if there’s a word that takes juju beyond just a sort of luck instilled from a voodoo fetish. Captain, you have to get over this voodoo aversion, or we might have to set sail without ju. Dig? S’it’s ‘K. Mmm ma luv.

Or if Jah weren’t about that pissy little Yawhen Jahovah who cried when we spanked him…

My Lord Shiva can take the heights and the punishment for pride. He fears no other gods. His ego is strong, yet balanced, in it’s own time. My Lord Shiva is master of the blade dance and he teaches me, if only I would ever be a good pupil. Shiva is amused by voodoo and any embracement of it I display.

What’s that word? For now juju will do, but I am owning it and changing it. Stellar juju.

Yeah, stellar juju comes when you realize ju jah. AKA thou are God. Grok? lol.

Bloody Pulp

I dreamed I wanted to beat this boy who stole parts of people’s bikes from my parents’ yard. The bike owners weren’t even my friends. I caught this boy and his foster mother was standing there, letting me hold him by the scruff and SCREAM at him. I wanted to batter him against the concrete wall and wrought iron fence between the yards until he was unconscious, until he was dead. He showed utterly no remorse. This is why we will not be able to move on as a whole humanity. There are too many ghetto punks like this boy, like BP, like AT&T – a bunch of WHORES and too many foster mothers who stand by and condone or at least tolerate this intolerable behavior. The G.A. would destroy or separate, it seems as though we are now headed all down in the same ship. You have failed. We have failed. This is End Game and we have lost.

Please prove me wrong…

Not Feeling Any Better About This…

The huge and hard won victories of last year seem like distant fairytales.

We’ve got money, money, money issues! I want to see it all in the black. I need a haircut, a dental cleaning, an obgyn visit, new glasses… I want to see that bailout for the people now! I want to see that Gulf mess Deepwater Horizon shit poof and g-o-n-e! NOW! RIGHT NOW!

I want to see full disclosure of first contact now! If that bullshit about the bank of St. Germaine is true, bring it!

All of it, bring it, bring it now! The G.A. expected all of this about 65 years ago. WE ARE DONE WAITING! NO MORE WAITING! BRING IT!

As far as the collective goes, this is the dirtiest and filthiest it’s EVER been. I am tired of trying to ward it off and tune it out. I am tired of trying to heal it. BLECK! I am tired of being constantly poisoned and I can’t even find the things I know I need to heal right now.

Great things are about to happen? Not when we’ve only got 0.6% on board.

Look, there are things I really need right now. I’ve tried to manifest them. I’ve tried to sacrifice other things to ensure my ability to procure them. I need serious help. I need a miracle beyond miracles. I need something radically different, and I need it now!

Midsummer’s Eve

Blessed is he who walks in the way of the light!

This has been the strangest spring ever.

I finally went to Ah-Di-Na today. I don’t get it. The whole thing couldn’t have been that built up just for me to have somewhere to hike to on the summer solstice. Another thing like the River Exchange to file away for later. It was a very beautiful hike and there was this Lion’s Pride volunteer group doing trail work on the PCT on the way to Ah-Di-Na road from Ash Camp. I drank a soda with some guy and chatted before I went on to Ah-Di-Na.

The reservoir was this impossible jade green, oh my God! When the sun was gone from the valley, it was as if the light came from everywhere, like.. home. I kept thinking, what a strange place to put our mirror, but on the way back I became more and more convinced that this is our mirror and the Golden Dreamer is bound to the lake as I am about to be bound to the river and Happy is from home too. Neira II on Earth at Lake McCLoud and Ah-Di-Na.

Also, I was thinking of Andy and how with this new 4D-ness that it’s like with Matt. He’s projecting himself here so it becomes as though he walks beside me and I let my mind drift and many times I find myself in the garden with him. I like it! I still misses him. I thought this morning that we will have to get a kitty when he comes out here. I won’t get one now because I am gone too much… I don’t know. 2 cats are normally better, but what if we got a cat that we both spoiled? And wouldn’t she be sad if we ever went away for the weekend? So it has to be a kitty that goes along with us everywhere. Maybe the cat is not such a good idea, but I miss Quinn! and I needs a new kitty. But before I get into what I am missing too much, I am so glad to be home! It feels so good! … to live in paradise!

Abundance paradigm: Yesterday there was a book of matches by the bird bath. Today I found a 10K gold chain wrapped around the cord to my curling iron (seriously!?! how?) and a flat head screwdriver on my hike. These are all things I have wished for at various points in the past. Plus I got a free soda which I didn’t think I was trying to manifest, and some more information about groups I probably want to connect up with.

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